About Us

Larrhon Howard is the founder and CEO of Faddy Ink Candle Co, which started in her kitchen in 2020. After years of working in the medical field, she realized her passions were leading her somewhere else. Larrhon is fueled by not only providing a better future for her family, but also providing an atmosphere of joy for others. She considers herself an advocate for Christ, so she is always willing to spread His word and spread love! 

Our products are made for you, so of course, we always have you on our mind. We want to make you feel like apart of our family, and that you are always welcomed here. Our mission is to provide quality products crafted in love & grace. We strive to set atmospheres that invoke laughter, joy and togetherness; while always being our authentic selves. 

We are glad you have chosen to be apart of our family; Thank you for taking this journey with us! Make sure to subscribe so that you can always be in the know!